Salesforce Consulting Greensboro

Cloud Nexus is a North Carolina based, Salesforce consulting, implementation and support firm servicing the greater Greensboro & Charlotte, NC areas. We offer Salesforce Solutions as a Service. We are currently supporting clients in the Greensboro, Hickory, Charlotte and Raleigh areas.

Our unique, business-driven approach to Salesforce delivers solutions that support the way you do business, integrate seamlessly with your other IT investments, and get adopted by your end users. A successful Salesforce implementation is much more than just loading up the system and turning it on. Salesforce allows you to enjoy the benefits of a customized suite of solutions without the need to employ an internal IT department in order to manage software. At Cloud Nexus we focus on adapting the immense power of the Salesforce cloud to your individualized business needs. We recognize that your existing processes represent significant investments over the course of years or even decades. That is why we spend the time to tailor our solutions to your needs while suggesting best practices and proven models.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro – Professional Services

Cloud Nexus is a Salesforce consulting firm servicing Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas providing implementation services, and application development based exclusively on the Force Platform. Our team of experienced solution architects take a personalized approach to solving your organizational data management challenges. Let our many years of experience in Business Development and Systems Architecture help to guide you through the incredible Journey that this platform affords you.

Salesforce Consulting – Outstanding Support

A dedicated support staff and extensive knowledge base of cloud based solutions. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime in your daily operations. Our Technical Support team is dedicated to enhancing customer productivity by providing superior technical support and coordinating support efforts with internal and field-based Cloud Nexus team. We strive to provide the highest level of Customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Consulting – Custom Application Development

Unlock the single view of the customer in powerful business apps that you can build with clicks not code. Deliver predictive capabilities and contextual experiences for every employee and every customer. Expose your CRM data to your customers, vendors or any partner relationship you have. The enormous power of the Salesforce Eco-system is unmatched by any other single cloud based platform.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Community Cloud

The most modern customer and worker experiences start with state-of-the-art communities. Foster engagement, collaboration, and action while simultaneously staying connected to your biggest assets: Your customers and workers.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Sales Cloud

Accelerate and streamline all phases of sales from lead management to analytics and forecasting with the world’s #1 CRM solution.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Service Cloud

Today’s connected customers expect personalized service across every channel. Give your workers the tools they need to transform the customer experience.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Field Service Lightning

Learn how Salesforce transforms your employees and customer experience with field service software.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Social Studio

Listen, engage, and publish using powerful social media marketing tools — and unite marketing with sales and service over popular channels. Get to know us today and see how you can:

  • Gather Market Intelligence
  • Create Topic Profiles
  • Learn from Real Discussions
  • Tune into Customer Sentiment
Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Salesforce Quote to Cash

Quickly create accurate, customer-friendly quotes with consistent pricing and discounting.

Ensure that the right components are included in every quote.

With Salesforce CPQ, your quotes include the right components and only the right components, eliminating the need to resubmit a quote because a key product component was forgotten.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Einstein Analytics

Now you can get comprehensive analysis of millions of data combinations in minutes. Einstein Discovery delivers AI-driven answers, explanations, and recommendations, so you not only understand what happened — but why it happened — and what you should do next.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Einstein Voice

Salesforce has helped our customers succeed as the #1 CRM Company year after year. But the fact is getting granular, real-time data into Salesforce that you can take action on could be easier. What if you could talk to Salesforce, and let artificial intelligence make the best use of that information? Now you can, thanks to Einstein Voice.

Salesforce Consulting Raleigh NC

Salesforce Mobile App

Do more from your mobile device

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NCSalesforce Consulting Raleigh NCSalesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

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Extend the power of Salesforce with our full portfolio of mobile apps. Transform everything from how sales reps answer emails to how support agents resolve cases.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Build custom apps

Easily assemble custom apps from ready-made components and build custom components to exactly fit your requirements and your customers’ needs.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro

Personalize with partner apps

Solve any business need with thousands of mobile apps that integrate with Salesforce seamlessly. AppExchange is your path to personalization and customization.

Run your business from your phone

Zoom in on an opportunity, swipe away busywork, and tap to solve problems. Now you can monitor your business and click with customers from your phone — and your comfort zone.