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Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a customer support solution designed for businesses of any size. Businesses are able to provide top quality customer service across every channel, and they can connect with customers on their own terms. Agents are able to provide customers with service through social media, and they can collaborate with other agents through integrated Chatter feeds.

Because Service Cloud is completely cloud-based, agents are able to manage cases from anywhere, at any time. Customer feedback and satisfaction levels can be tracked from any smartphone or tablet device using Salesforce’s mobile app and real-time dashboards.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC
Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Main Features

Managing Cases

With Service Cloud, agents can juggle multiple cases at once. By unifying the agent experience into one platform, Salesforce has created a way for agents to respond to multiple support requests through multiple channels. Cases can be managed on both desktop and mobile devices.

The console is your primary case management interface, and it’s the place you’ll visit to get an idea of how your customers are feeling on a day-to-day basis. By putting as much information as possible onto one page, Salesforce has decreased the amount of clicking and scrolling you’ll need to do when finding, updating, and creating new records. You can even see visual indicators that update in real-time when lists or records are changed by other agents on your team.

Creating Knowledge Bases

Agents are able to create and manage content, which Salesforce calls “articles,” within their companies’ knowledge bases. These articles can be an excellent resource when agents are looking for the answers to questions that are infrequently asked by customers.

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your knowledge base, create separate article types and categorize articles to allow administrators to control article visibility. For example, some articles may be accessible to agents-only, and other articles may be accessible to both agents and end-users.

Collaborating With Agents

Nobody knows all the answers. Service Cloud capitalizes on this by introducing a way for agents to quickly solicit advice and feedback from colleagues through the Salesforce platform. Using Chatter, agents are able to escalate cases to experts who have experience managing similar situations.

Because Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce1 Platform, it is easy to integrate the solution into your existing Chatter feed. From your desktop or mobile device, you can communicate with colleagues in real-time, asking for advice on how to handle difficult situations or handing off specific cases to experts within your department.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC

Mobilizing Customer Service

Service Cloud is available on more than just desktop devices. Using the solution, companies can offer their customers immediate service and support through any mobile device, as well. Using apps or mobile sites, customers can find the right products, get answers to their questions, and watch demonstration videos.

When customers still have questions even after using Service Cloud’s self-service mobile tools, they’ll often start chat sessions with agents from inside the mobile app. As a company service manager, you can participate in these sessions. You can also track agent productivity levels and customer satisfaction through your own mobile device at any time.

Salesforce Consulting Greensboro NC